Serre photovoltaïque

Solar greenhouses

Our 3 photovoltaic greenhouse models


The high-end photovoltaic greenhouse Venlo type

• Surface de 15 000 m² à 40 000 m²<br /> • Serre chapelle professionnelle en verre<br /> • Toiture photovoltaïque orientée Nord - Sud<br /> • Structure métallique en acier


The photovoltaic greenhouse with trackers

• Surface de 15 000 m² à 40 000 m²<br /> • Toiture photovoltaïque orientée Est - Ouest<br /> • Ouverture / fermeture automatisée des modules photovoltaïques<br /> • Structure métallique en acier


The standard photovoltaic greenhouse

• Surface de 15 000 m² à 40 000 m²<br /> • Toiture photovoltaïque avec orientation Nord - Sud<br /> • Structure métallique en acier<br /> • Couverture hors modules et côtés en polyéthylène

Discover our financing solutions

For your photovoltaic greenhouse farm project, IRISOLARIS supports you throughout the process and offers different financing solutions tailored to your situation and your needs.

IRISOLARIS finances your photovoltaic greenhouse

  • Partnership based on the signature of a ground lease of 30 years during which IRISOLARIS is the owner
  • The greenhouse is made available to the owner and / or operator with the possibility of subletting
  • Retrocession of the property at the end of the lease
  • Our construction partner carries out the construction
    of the greenhouse and IRISOLARIS is responsible for the installation of the photovoltaic plant

Serre photovoltaique pour la production de kiwi
Serre photovoltaïque pour une agriculture agrivoltaisme

You rent your rooftop to IRISOLARIS

  • Partnership based on the signature of a long-term lease of 30 years
  • You buy your greenhouse from our partner manufacturer
  • IRISOLARIS pays you an annual rent for the duration of the lease
  • You stay owner of the greenhouse

Become a kiwi producer thanks to Peruzzo!

IRISOLARIS is a partner of Peruzzo Group, specialized in the production and commercialization of fruits and vegetables since 1973. As part of this partnership, Peruzzo supports farmers in growing Rossy © red kiwifruit in a photovoltaic greenhouse.

Peruzzo Group's commitments for each Rossy © red kiwifruit project in a photovoltaic greenhouse:

  • Contract to buy back kiwis from the producer for 25 years
  • Visits and advices from a technician specialized in planting and managing a kiwi orchard
  • Innovations in greenhouse production
  • Authorization to cultivate the Rossy © red kiwifruit license
  • Coverage of structural costs: transport, storage, calibration and packaging

Peruzzo Group

Stages of the life of a project

Agreement of landowners & local authorities
Building permit, environmental impact & technical studies
Application for CRE, CRE winner, Obtaining feed-in tariff
Grid connection and obtaining sources of financing
Engineering & final project design, choice of suppliers & EPC companies
Construction & commissioning

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