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As we grow, we carefully think out the creation of positions in order to have within our teams all the necessary skills to ensure the successful completion of our projects from beginning to end.

Sales & Development

To identify project opportunities, meet local authorities, or even advise and support our customers and partners, several professions are dedicated to trade and prospecting:
Head of development
Development officer
Sales administration
Marketing & communication manager

Legal & Property

To secure all our operations and ensure flawless land management to our customers and partners, we have set up dedicated positions internally.
Property manager
Property administrator
Équipe commercial, juridique et foncier de l'entreprise IRISOLARIS
Bureau d'étude et urbanismes chez Irisolaris

Design office

For the best possible sizing of our projects, we have all the necessary skills to realise a precise study of the developments and constructions that we carry out.
Study Engineer
Construction Economist
Grid connection office
Design engineer

Town planning

A team is working on the study of our territories, on the prospection of potential projects, but also on the management of all the necessary procedures for the construction of our projects. Realization and application of building permits, studies of PLU (urban planning of a town), request for downgrading ...
Urban Planning Officer
Urban Planning Affairs Officer
Urban Planning Assistant

Innovation & Project Management

To keep up to date of all the advances in our field and continue to innovate, part of our teams focuses on R&D (Research & Development) including the search for new processes and equipments. It also carries out all the Project Management of our specific and / or large-scale projects.
Design Research Manager
Project Management Manager
R&D Manager (Research & Development)

Construction & Work

We orchestrate all construction services for our projects, from the pre-feasibility phases, until their commissionings and operations.
Construction Project Manager
Operations manager
Work manager
Project management assistance
Logistics assistant


Because we are rarely better served than by ourselves, we carry out our operations and maintenances of our power plants.
Maintenance technician
Operations manager
Asset manager
Operations & maintenance manager
Construction innovation et maintenance des œuvres réaliser par Irisolaris
La direction d'Irisolaris recrute dans différents domaines.

Support & Direction

We have built several support functions which bring structure and stability to IRISOLARIS. They also allow the “operational” teams to concentrate on their missions.
Management & Accounting
Finance & Investment
Information system
Human resources
General services