Hangar photovoltaïque

Photovoltaic sheds

Are you a farmer or a manufacturer with a photovoltaic shed project?

Irisolaris is a specialist of photovoltaic sheds development and construction for over 10 years. The group offers different solutions tailored for your needs.


Buildings from 600 to 5000 m²
Power from 100 kWp to 1 MWp
Foundations supported by IRISOLARIS up to 1.40 m deep
Find the right solution for your needs with the Osiris ® range of buildings: stabling, storage, garage, logistics, etc.

Discover our financing solutions

Irisolaris offers you different solutions to help you modernize and upgrade your assets.

Ground lease

With the ground lease of 30 years, the building is financed by IRISOLARIS and remains available free of charge thanks to its rent : 

  • IRISOLARIS is responsible for obtaining the building permit.

  • You lease your land under a building lease.

  • IRISOLARIS finances the building (of which it remains the owner for the duration of the construction lease).

  • Our construction partner carries out the building construction
    and IRISOLARIS is responsible for installing the photovoltaic plant.

Location de toiture photovoltaïque produit par Irisolaris
Hangar solaire projet mise en place par Irisolaris

Long-term lease

Thanks to the long-term lease of 30 years, you remain the owner of the building and you rent your roof:

  • IRISOLARIS is responsible for obtaining the building permit.

  • You buy your building from one of our building partners.

  • IRISOLARIS pays you annual rent for the provision of the roof via a long-term lease.

  • Signature of the quotation for the building with our partner carpenter.

Our commitments

With IRISOLARIS, everything is clear from the feasibility study of the project. The commercial agreements are precise and validated before starting a project. To ensure the completion of your project under perfect conditions, IRISOLARIS has all the necessary financial, operating and insurance guarantees.

Our teams support you throughout your project! From the definition of your needs, through the legal agreements , until the commissioning and maintenance of the plant.

The construction of photovoltaic sheds is our core business, our historical business since 2009. The experience gained and the numerous projects developed, make IRISOLARIS a key player.

Stages of the life of a project

Securing a preliminary agreement for the land by a signature
Request for a building permit
Technical studies of the photovoltaic project
Premium tariff
Obtaining a Premium tariff for the produced electricity
Grid connection and obtaining sources of financing
Construction and commissioning


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