Nos valeurs

Our values

Who we are, together, at every moment

Depuis plusieurs années IRISOLARIS s’est engagé dans une démarche de qualité et de performance, actée depuis Septembre 2021 par l’obtention de la certification ISO 9001.

The objective is to follow our continuous improvement approach and to guarantee our customer satisfaction.

Certification ISO 9001

Our quality policy

pictogramme efficaces en gris et orange


We perform many projects with high efficiency
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We develop major projects and we innovate to improve our products
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We help new employees arrival along for more efficacy
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We integrate our societal initiative into our company strategy

What bring us together, every day

Honnêteté un talent demandé à tous nos collaborateurs.


We always have acted with honesty. This value has helped us to develop strong relationship with our partners, clients and teams.

It's also our way to respect our interlocutors with confidence. This is a strength that helped us to manage all the issues.

Solidarité une capacité intègre à Irisolaris


Generosity is a strong value in our company. We find it in :

  • time we dedicate to take care of our clients
  • our commitment for the planet
  • our way of working

Solidarity also means to share and accept success or failure in order to move forward together !

L'indépendance une faculté conservé par l'entreprise


Independence is important to us. It our way to keep thinking and acting freedom.

  • Think outside the box

  • Question established order and foresee the unpredictable

  • Engage where we are not expected to be

La passion une aptitude connue de tous nos employés


IRISOLARIS participates in environment protection.

Passionate about our work, we aim excellence and share our skills and ideads to develop new talents everyday.

Our commitments to the planet

Reduce and recycle rubbish

Tri sélectif des déchets dans nos établissements et collecte par une entreprise qui participe à l'embauche de travailleurs en situation de handicap.

Limit our pollution

We encourage public transportation and we implemented recharging stations for electric vehicles.

Be generous

We donate our unused material to schools or associations and we are commited to specific actions such as "Trail Solidaire des ENR".