Promesse employeur

Our employer promise

Because our teams are precious and unique, we strive to provide to everyone individualized and regular support. In order to allow each one to evolve at their own pace and be an actor in their journey.

A tailor-made integration

Each position is first thought out, detailed, and of course described in great details to our employees.

It is important to know where we are going to set foot!

For each new recruit, we plan a full onboarding schedule: learning the job and discovering the company are planned in phases and over several months.

Meetings are regularly organized between the employee, the manager and the HR referent to ensure that all the steps have been validated.

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Une histoire à construire ensemble

A story to build together

Meetings are held regularly to inform about the strategy , novelties and projects of IRISOLARIS, but also to give visibility to the work carried out on a daily basis.

Each employee benefits from an individual interview at least once a year during which he is free to express himself on his vision of the company and his wishes for development. And of course answers are given to each of his questions!

Everyone is accessible (including the President) to discuss jobs, projects, questions and to share ideas to innovate together!

Our operating method has been designed to work as a team, encourage initiative taking , and allow everyone to participate in improving our practices.

Individualized support

So that everyone can progress and develop their skills, we allow regular training, participation in trade fairs and taking part in new projects.

We are also developing our internal “school”, which allows us to guarantee the transmission of our knowledge and promote our knowledgeable employees.

We encourage mobility and internal promotion: our employees will always be placed first in our recruitment process.

un accompagnement individualisé
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Our relationships are based on trust, honesty and authenticity:
enough to communicate well whatever the situation, and always be able to count on your team!

We expect our managers to support their teams with kindness and fairness.

IRISOLARIS is constantly evolving at high speed.
Every month new ideas, new projects emerge and our company develops further.

Our ambition: to involve all the teams and allow each and everyone to grow and find their place in this wonderful adventure.

The IRISOLARIS "Touch" is also: a Fun Team, welcoming offices, several events per year ...

A constant fuel

Because sometimes the days are simpler with a good dose of extra energy, we provide you with unlimited coffee!

A flexible working environment

Pour que chacun puisse s'organiser en trouvant un juste équilibre entre sa vie professionnelle et sa vie personnelle, nous permettons le télétravail et sommes flexibles sur les horaires de départ et d'arrivée.

A big party twice a year

To get away from everyday life and get together, twice a year, we invite all employees to get together, party and share new experiences!

Practical and pleasant offices

De 80 à 130 salariés en moins d'un an ! Autant vous dire que nous nous sommes vite retrouvés à l'étroit. Alors nous avons profité de notre déménagement et des ouvertures d'agences régionales pour adapter nos locaux à nos équipes et repenser nos espaces de vie.

A friendly spirit

IRISOLARIS ce sont des rires échangés chaque journée, en toute circonstance. Et ça ne risque pas de changer qu'on soit 20 ou 1000 salariés ! La FunTeam sera la pour y veiller !

And lots of small events!

Partager des croissants au petit déjeuner, organiser des barbecues, fêter les bonnes nouvelles, fêter pour l'envie d'être ensemble et parfois terminer la journée autour d'un verre bien mérité.