Centrale au sol créer sur la commune d'Albi

Mise en service de la centrale photovoltaïque d’Albi

Local authorities

Commissioning of the Albi photovoltaic power plant

Since May 12, 2021, the Albi photovoltaic plant produced its first kilowatt hours . Albi-Pélissier is a former coal-fired thermal power station. This conversion to photovoltaics is therefore a symbol of energy transition. To develop this power plant on the ground, it was necessary to get rid of 500,000 tonnes of coal ash .

Located on 10 hectares, the solar power plant will produce 6,600 MWh of renewable electricity each year. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of more than 5,600 people , or nearly 12% of the population of the municipality of Albi.

IRISOLARIS and SEM SIPEnR developed the project after a call for expressions of interest from the Town Hall of Albi. In total, 13,000 photovoltaic panels are in service and produce green electricity. Energie Partagée co-finances this project and Enercoop resells the production.