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60MW Astronergy TOPCon modules signed for French Agricultural Projects


60MW Astronergy TOPCon modules signed for French Agricultural Projects

Astronergy new partner for French agriculture

Strategic cooperation on Astronergy 60MW n-type TOPCon PV modules was signed at Intersolar Europe 2023 on June 15th, to help IRISOLARIS construct solar power generation plants at agricultural areas in France, generating greener power to contribute to the local’s energy transition process.

« Irisolaris leader in the construction of photovoltaic power plants »

As one of France’s main sustainable energy enterprises, IRISOLARIS takes the design and construction of agricultural photovoltaic projects as its core business and insists on its mission to promote the energy transition process by providing customized clean energy solutions to customers.

This time, IRISOLARIS chose the ASTRO N5s modules, for its module’s maximum power of over 430W and certification of French carbon footprint. While meeting the local carbon emission standards of photovoltaic products, ASTRO N5s modules are welcomed thanks to their small, beautiful design, reliability, and higher efficiency.

Dés le 4éme trimestre 2023

According to Astronergy, all these products are expected to be delivered 4th quarter of 2023. After the construction of the farm agricultural solar power plants, the generated electricity of the power station will be connected to the power grid, changing the proportion of local energy.

Furthermore, Astronergy’s pioneer tech in n-type TOPCon PV modules has won cooperation potential on offering hundreds of megawatt modules to IRISOLARIS in the close future.

For a greener world, Irisolaris and Astronergy  will be combining their expertises for a much greener and more sustainable power generation.